Carmen Ruiz y Laza, Joytv’s newest host, has worked in the film and television industry for more than two decades. CarmenTV seeks out the hottest local experts for their tips on travel, cuisine, fashion and beauty, entertaining and design – tailored specifically for discerning boomers. CarmenTV also takes viewers past the velvet rope at the most exclusive parties and celebrity events.

Growing up in Spain in her great-uncle’s house, Carmen was surrounded by storytelling, music, philosophy and gourmet cooking. But when she immigrated to Canada at 13, she didn’t speak a word of English, and found herself suddenly unable to communicate well. Determined to overcome the challenge, Carmen became fluent in one year. Since then, Carmen has made communication her life’s work.

Carmen carved out a career as a sought-after casting director and broadcast producer, and more recently, headed her own boutique PR company Carmen PR, specializing in philanthropic organizations and luxury brands.

Carmen is drawn to the influencers who create and inspire. “I love energetic people, the ones who wake up in the morning and say, ‘let’s do something fabulous today.’ They’re the ones that motivate me.”